Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Chinese Government Creates Toy Supply Shortage?

I just read over on Comcast's site that the Guangdong provincial government has banned exports from nearly half of the province's toy factories due to lead paint concerns.

This just feeds into my belief that there probably is no (or not much) "unleaded" paint in China. US manufacturers, such as Mattel, probably just never paid attention to whether or not the materials used in imported toys complied with US safety laws.

And that's not new - the Mattel toys I had as a child in the '70's were manufactured in China and probably were covered in lead paint.

Now, I have two small children of my own. And I'll be telling those kids to tell Santa that they don't want any toys that his elves outsourced to Chinese subcontractors.

I've tried to watch all the recalls, but there have been soooooo many of them. It is impossible to keep up to be sure that your child doesn't have a tainted toy.

I'm sure that the Chinese government's crackdown is too late to have guaranteed that US store shelves will be lead-free this holiday season. I'm all for free trade, but I think that you're crazy if you don't leave toys marked "Made In China" on the store shelves this holiday season. Maybe next year we can feel more comfortable that all appropriate precautions have been taken, but not this year.

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